George E. Peirce, a location specialist, is a photo-technical artist who is successfully merging the time tested photo chemical processes with the new wave explosion of digital technologies. George graduated with a B.F.A. in Photography from S.U.N.Y. New Paltz in 1983 and started his Freelance Photography career in 1984. His ability to quickly understand highly technical applications, designs and processes translates through to his photography. He's persistent and will fabricate whatever he needs to get the job done and the image onto film.

George maintains a state of the art Photo Chemical and Digital Darkroom for film, print, and internet services. When digital technology is needed George will enthusiastically recommend and deliver high end. However, there are still many times when well-conceived, professionally executed traditional photography will outperform expensive computer man-hours. An artist of many disciplines, George always aims to deliver high value.

George's commercial work is published frequently in trade journals, home magazines, corporate and residential real estate brochures, annual reports and display advertisements. Although George specializes in the photography of Architecture, Industry, and Interior design he will accept unrelated assignments from time to time.